Warrior Kai

Sweetwater Foundation is our nonprofit that includes Kai’s Warriors Against Childhood Cancer (KWACC) and The Community Cup

Our Mission

Sweetwater Foundation is a Tahlequah, Oklahoma nonprofit that helps support children with cancer and their families, while being a public advocate for this underfunded crisis through Kai’s Warriors Against Childhood Cancer, as well as provide a safe space for a community development center called “commUnity cUp” that uses a coffeehouse atmosphere to engage and empower the Tahlequah community through activities, gatherings, events and a deeper understanding of each other.

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We want to invite you to join our community, our mission to help change just a part of our world. We are passionate about childhood cancer funding and awareness, as well as grassroots community building through friendship and mutual enlightenment. Take our hand and join us on this incredible journey!

About Warrior Kai

Kai’s Warriors Against Childhood Cancer (KWACC) was born out of struggle and pain. In May of 2016, almost two year old Kai McAlpin was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer that showed both leukemia and lymphoma symptoms, with the very rare Gamma Delta DNA Markers. He fought hard for almost a year, then on March 14th of 2017, Kai passed on this fight to us, leaving behind a legacy beyond his almost three years of life. Because of his determination and fight, we continue on today, helping families stricken with childhood cancer, as well as his story being incremental in getting a new law passed to increase funding for childhood cancer. Many families are forced to choose their careers or their children after diagnosis. Many families go bankrupt due to the overwhelming expenses that incur during this lengthy journey, that for many, lasts the rest of the child’s life. Our mission is to provide financial, mental and interfaith spiritual support to families and their children. To date, we have been able to financially help several families with donations of thousands of dollars and we hope to continue raising the number of families and donations to help them offset their extreme expenses that come from caring for a child with cancer.

About Sweetwater Foundation

We are a State of Oklahoma nonprofit with a local board and are an official IRS 501.c.3.

KWACC is also in the process to become a permanent donor to the St. Francis Children’s Hospital Oncology floor with gifts that will help families who spend such a great deal of their time there.

About Community Cup

The Community Cup is a Tahlequah based interfaith community ministry and development outreach that hopes to provide an interfaith coffeehouse setting for interpersonal dialogue and community building with empowerment and cultural understanding. This will be accomplished by having coffeehouse-style events such as live bands, open mike nights, poetry slams, art exhibits, current event discussions, topic led conversations, youth group activities, as well as being a base for events such as blood donation, support groups, free haircuts for those who cannot afford them, dry food pantry, space for other nonprofits to meet, as well as have Cherokee language nights and cultural activities, etc.

We would like to provide free-will donation drip coffee during open hours and specialized coffee drinks for sale. This outreach will provide a safe space for the Tahlequah community to gather in a positive oriented place, where all are welcome to become part of the community in a deeper and more understanding way.

This setting will also provide an opportunity for area youth groups, university clubs, and any organization to help serve and learn and provide friendship and community.


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